Whole 30 – Day 21 – Day 23

Whole Mutha Fuckin 30

Few days at once here due to a busy uni life a the moment. Can’t actually rmember what I ate exactly over the space of these 3 days but I am continuing to stay strong! Usual 2 big meals a day and some light snacking in between just some fruit and nuts. Cashews and almonds at the moment.

I had a slow week and felt pretty tired and annoyed at the whole 30 plan. Just being fed up – normally this would be my turning point and I would usually binge on booze and shite food but I am taking this in my stride. I realy want to change and live a healthier life through diet and lifestyle. After watching another ted video by Matt Cutts – Tray something new for 30 days. This helped me gain some encouragement to keep on going, a fresh point of view and here I am still remaining loyal to the whole 30 and paleo lifestyle.

The dinner seen here is a pork chop with sweet potato crisps, salad with apple, mushrooms and walnuts and some cumin spiced roasted carrots. It was fuckin lovely!


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